How to cheat and not get caught out

Have you ever cheated on your partner and got caught? One of the gents I date on a regular basis at London escorts claims that he has cheated on his partner for years but never got caught. It sounds to me like he has made a little bit of sport of his cheating behaviour, and I am not the only sexy girls at London escorts to think so.

Many of my colleagues agree with me, and I think that there is still one or two girls who snigger at him behind his back. He is sure that he is never going to get caught, but I am afraid that I can’t share his confidence in himself. I have been dating with London escorts for some time now, and I know that sooner or later, most men do get caught. It does not matter if you cheat with London escorts or a regular girl. There will come a time when it all goes to pot and I think that this man is closer to unravelling than he thinks.This guy seems to think that as long as he keeps a separate bank account from his wife, he is never going to get caught. I am not sure where he is getting that idea from when it all comes down to it. There ill come a day when he leaves a bank statement or something like that around.

I know that it may not say London escorts on it, but I am pretty sure that his wife will ask him about the big cash transactions on the statement. It will not take her very long to put two and two together. She may even figure out you have a couple of friends at London escorts.I have met men at London escorts before who think that they have got this bullet proof strategy when it comes to dating London escorts. Sure, some of them have better ideas than others, but eventually a lot of rich married men stop dating London escorts. Why? They simply know that they are pushing their luck and if they get caught out, it will cost them a small fortune. If all men thought about cheating on their wives in that sort of way, I am sure that you would see a lot less men cheat on their wives.

You should never underestimate your partner. I know that many people do just that, but it is a very dangerous game to play. Like most of the girls at London escorts prefer to date single men just like I do. I am aware that not all of the gents we date are single and I do take the rough with the smooth. In an ideal world, all men would be faithful to their wives. Well, we don’t live in an ideal world so I think that you need to set your own standards. That is what I do at London escorts. And I guess the men I date at the escort agency in London set their own standards as well.

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