I do not know life until I met someone that helps me to stand again – London Escorts

Someone that will always be there to give positivity into my life. It was a harrowing past for me, and I thought I could not move forward after.

For all of my life, I only have one woman I trusted so much. My world evolves only to her, and I am blessed that she came into my life during the worst time. After all, I have been through in my family; she was the only one that is there for me. She was the only one that had not left me when no one else. She was the only one to make me believe that everything will go to be okay. Many times I feel so down because of my family. I came from a wealthy clan and expected that my family set me high standard and expectations. People look at me as a good follower to my parents, which is perhaps in true. But sometimes, I am tired of it and everything they say. I am tired of all the things they throw at me. I am bored doing things I am not supposed to do because I am not happy about it.

When I was a kid, I have not experienced being loved by my parents. My parents are always busy to work, and they have no time for me. They never let me go out and play like an average child. Most of my childhood is learning and doing what they say. It was a boring life and looking at the children outside happily playing is so envying. I was supposed to be there and enjoy my childhood days. But they denied it to me. When I was in school, there is a girl who plays outside. I am waiting for my service at that time while waiting the girl ask me if I want to play since I enjoy looking at them. We became friends; her name is Theresa. Every time my driver is late to fetch me I enjoy my time playing with them. Until we became an adult, we have a relationship, but it was not supported by my parents. They don’t like Theresa because of their status in life. I fight for my love to her and it was my first time. My parents were so frustrated and stop supporting me. I did not know that Theresa was not worth to fight. I saw her kissing another man in front of me. She cheated on me a long time ago.

We broke up and very painful because I fight for our love. I can’t back to the house since my family already abandon me. I don’t know what to do and realized to book a Cheap London Escorts. London Escorts made me realize that life is beautiful and we could always start again after we fall. A London Escorts helped me when my girlfriend broke up with me and the service is very affordable.

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