I love bad boys

My mom would probably love me to bring home a nice boyfriend but I really like bad boys. The guys that I date at Croydon escorts http://charlotteaction.org/croydon-escorts are really nice gents, but I have to admit that outside of Croydon escorts, I like to hang out with bad boys. There is something about bad boys that really turn me on and I cannot resist them. You do get some bad boys working on the fringes of the escorts service in the UK, but most of the bad boys that I tend to fall for are car dealers.


Best of Croydon Escorts

Best of Croydon Escorts

I don’t know why so many bad boys end up as car dealers, but they certainly do. A lot of the guys that I date outside of Croydon escorts are involved in the automotive industry. Some of them own their own car lots, others have their own breaker yards and stuff like that. There is just something about these men that really attract me to them and I cannot put my finger on what it is. I am sure that it is sort of part of me and that I am always going to have to live it.


At the moment I am dating this guy who is an accountant for a chain of car dealers. He is not really a bad boy but I think that he can be. If he is up to anything dodgy he keeps it to himself and I think that is what I kind of like about him. Tony is always really well dressed and I love the way he dresses. Also he does not mind me working for Croydon escorts at all. He actually says that it turns him on and I can tell that it truly does.


When I am not at Croydon escorts, I spend a lot of time around Tony’s place. He has this really nice home in a nice part of Croydon. Tony even has a lady who comes in and does all of the cleaning so I don’t have to lift a finger when I am there. Sometimes I do a little bit of cooking but that is all. He actually loves it when I cook for him and always brings a bottle home. We sit on the sofa and get really cozy with each other.


Tony is really generous and always buys me stuff. I have noticed all of the good guys that I have met really don’t look after their girlfriends that much. All of the bad boys that I have met really do and are always getting their girlfriends things. Tony has bought me a designer watch and a couple of really nice handbags. Some of the girls at Croydon escorts are really envious of me and cannot believe my luck. I think that I am lucky and I have this feeling that I will always be sticking to bad boys. They may not be good in general but they are certainly very good to their women. I am sure that many of my friends would appreciate my bad boys!

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