I Love Sexy Fantasies

Like so many other girls at London escorts, I do have a passion for fantasies. Like so many of gentlemen dates at London escorts know, I have a lot of fantasies, but my favorite fantasy is my school teacher fantasy. It gives me a chance to dress up as a naughty school teacher and I have a couple of gents at London escorts who really appreciate this fantasy. However, this is not my only fantasy and I have many more that I like to let out to have some fun at times.

Actually, I have to admit that I am a bit of frustrated actress. When I was a little girl, I always wanted to be an actress. Unfortunately, my parents did not have enough money to let me take acting classes so I ended up making up all different characters. I had such a rich fantasy life so these characters included all sort of things. When I got older, I did join an amateur theater society but I did also appreciate that I would not make enough money from acting. So in the end, I found a job with London escorts. My job with London escorts has more or less become a creative outlet.

Yes, I do love working for London escorts, but more than anything I am into my many different characters. Some of my gents think that I am a bit nuts, but at the same time, they seem to enjoy my characters. Anyway, I have loads of fun acting out all of my characters here at London escorts. Not all of the girls who work here are as much into role play as I am. My boss calls me the role play specialist, and I have to admit that I prefer my characters to regular dating.

All of my characters are kind of sexy, and I even do a sexy version of Cinderella. I have put a lot of effort into developing my characters for escorts in London, and that has paid off in a big way. Now a lot of gents come to see because of my characters. My favorite character is still the Naughty School Teacher. She has lots of different outfits and I have to admit that she is rather crazy. One of my favorite gents at London escorts enjoys being her pupil so that is fine.

In the future, I aim to develop even more characters. I am working on a couple of different ones at the moment. Most sexy escorts in London probably do not put this my effort into their role play parts, but I do. When my new characters are ready, I am going to share them with my gents at escorts in London. Some of my new characters are so good that I have considered turning them into online characters. I thought that I could have my own little chat line. It could be that there are gents out there who would really appreciate chatting to Naughty Cinderella or being told off by a school teacher. You never know, but I certainly know that I get a real kick out of all my different characters.

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