My ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend.  

I really don’t know why I am so jealous as I pretty much ended up hating the guy when we split up. Now I feel that I don’t want to have a girlfriend. It may have something to do with that I don’t have a new boyfriend. It is not easy to deal with having a boyfriend when you work for London escorts. Many guys don’t like it that you actually escort and that is what happened to us. My boyfriend came to hate my London escorts career and I came to hate him. Most of the girls at London escorts do earn really good money and so do I. This is one of the biggest problems. Most men say that they are okay when their girlfriends or partners earn more money than they do. The thing is that it is not true at all, and I think that all London escorts that I know have found that out the hard way. I hate to say it, equality in between the sexes have not really come that far after all. When we first hooked up, I did not think that my boyfriend was going to be one of those really jealous guys but I could not have been more wrong. He often showed up at my London escorts boudoir and was not always that pleasant. At times I thought that he would ruin my London escorts career and that would not have been good for. Getting a job with a top London escorts service is not that easy. There is always someone waiting to take your place. I was not going to have that at all, so I told him where to go. As matter of fact, I was rather angry with him at the time. To say that I hated him may have been too strong, but I was getting there. Our break up was pretty nasty. We did not live together but we did have stuff around each others homes. I made one of my friends from London escorts from come with me to pick up my stuff. The day when he came around to my place. I made sure that one of my friends from a male London escorts service was there. As I was in such a foul mood, anything could have happened and I knew what he was like as well. I was glad to be rid of him but I do feel a bit strange now. His new girlfriend looks really nice and I feel a bit empty inside. It is not good for a relationship to end on an angry note like ours did. I am sure that I could have patched it up, but I did just want to get on with things at the time. Yes, I have still got my London escorts career, but I keep on wondering if there is more to life than that. One day, I hope that I will meet a really nice guy who will truly accept me for who I am and what I am.

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