Talk to your children about sex!

We really should try to talk to our children more about sex. Many youngsters these days are exposed to a sex at a much earlier age, but the problem is that they don’t understand what it is all about. Part of that is exactly parents fault as they make sex into an embarrassing topic. We really must improve on this and start taking sex seriously. Many of my escorts in Croydon friends say that it is becoming a huge problem and they don’t know where to go from here. Most Croydon escorts can talk to sex with children but other parents find it difficult.

Make it natural

Most children would love to ask their moms and dads questions about sex, but don’t find it easy. Mom and dad often avoid answering the question or start to giggle. The simple fact is that we mustn’t do that say Croydon escorts. We must take are kids seriously no matter what they ask us and listen to what they have to say. It is important to them say Croydon escorts and it should therefore be important to us parents as well. After all, we should be able to answer all of our children’s questions in a calm manner. If we don’t they are less likely to ask again.

Open Up about it

Croydon escorts say that most children come across sexually explicit images first of all, and they don’t understand what they see in the images. It should always be okay to ask mom and dad what it is the can see in the pics, and what people are doing. It is actually very important that you know what your children are looking at on the Internet, Croydon escorts are quick to point out. What if they are looking at child pornography? What are you going to do then?

It is an up side down world

Croydon escorts do acknowledge that it is an upside down world we are living in. Children are probably exposed to sex too early these days and this is a big risk factor. Sex just seems to be everywhere. It is used to sell perfumes, clothes and so much more. Even news programs seem to talk about sex these days, and you can log onto the Daily Mail website without reading about sex. There is little wonder that our kids are interested in sex. Many of my Croydon escorts friends say that there is a little bit too much of it and we should tone it down a bit. I tend to agree but at the same time I realize that sex sells.

We do live in a bit of an upside down world and perhaps we should also try to shelter our kids a little bit more than we do at the moment. It is easy for them to be exposed to a lot of negative stuff, and they may not understand it. Above all it is important to create an atmosphere in which your children can talk to you in an open and non threatening way.…

Shopping adventures with East Ham escorts

Do I like to shop? I love to shop, says Pepita from East Ham escorts. I used to think that the shopping back in my native Madrid was good, but the shopping here in London is ten times better. Most of the girls that I work with at the agency think that I am totally nuts for going shopping all of the time, but since I have paid off my mortgage, I like to treat myself a little bit. Also, I am doing really well at the agency, and why should I not treat myself to some good shopping.

There are certain things that I am really into buying. My favorite thing to shop for is shoes. All of my dates at East Ham escorts say that I always seem to have new shoes, and I may buy about two pairs per week. I can’t say that I have a favorite shoe designer or anything like that. I just buy shoes that I like the look of and that’s that. Sometimes when I feel that I have too many shoes, I get rid off them and sell them off on eBay. That way, I feel a bit better about my shoe shopping habit.

Another thing that I am really into buying is plants and flowers. I am sure that most of my dates at East Ham escorts think I am a bits nuts, but to be honest, I don’t think that you can have enough plants. My plants are like my children and I look after them all of the time, and I even talk to them. Believe me, you can have some really decent conversations with geraniums! My boudoir at the agency is just full of plants, and so is my home. My favorite is perhaps African Violets, and I have tons of them in all different colors.

I am also a handbag girl. You may not believe this, but I never used to be. It was one of my dates at East Ham escorts who got me into this one, and ever since I have been mad about collecting hand bags. This wonderful gent, brought the most fantastic hand bag, and ever since then I have hone nuts for handbags. I am beginning to think that you can really express your femininity through handbags, and this is the main reason why I buy them. If I ever hit hard times, I know that I can sell my bags.

Am I going to move back to Spain? No, I don’t think so. I like to go back to visit, but I cannot see myself living there again. At the moment, I am just having some fun, but within the next few months, I am going to pull in my reigns and start to save again. It is just nice to be able to enjoy a frivolous time and spend some of my cash. What I am going to save for, I don’t know but maybe one day, I would like to have my own business.…

What are your dreams and desires?

Do you have secret dreams and desires? Since I joined London escorts, I have learned that a lot of people have secret dreams and desires. That doesn’t mean that they are sexual freaks. Having sexual dreams and desires is good for all of us, and it just confirms that you are a natural sexy person. Here at London escorts we come across all sorts of people. Many of them would probably like to call themselves sexual freaks, but the majority of them are just like you and me, it is just that they like to act out their secret desires with somebody.

Ever since I joined London escorts, I have been dating a guy called Wayne. A lot of people would probably call Wayne a bit of a freak, but I don’t. To me, Wayne is just a crazy kind of guy who has some unusual ideas. To be fair, Wayne has done the rounds of London escorts agencies, and a lot of girls think that he is freaky. Maybe it does not bother me, because Wayne and I have a lot of things in common. First of all it helps, that we can have a good chat, and our common interest in the supernatural helps as well.

Wayne believes that he was a vampire in a previous life. I don’t believe that I was a vampire but I am interested in vampires, and the stories of vampires. Outside London escorts, I am a goth and dress as a goth. This is often seen as something foreboding and slightly dangerous. It doesn’t freak me out and neither does Wayne. As a matter of fact, I like being with Wayne and fulfilling his fantasies. What he doesn’t realize is that he fulfills mine as well. Only one of the many reasons that I enjoy working for London escorts.

With me and Wayne there are no boundaries. We go out on freaky dates and have loads of fun. I am sure that a lot of London escorts would not enjoy our sort of dating, but we are heavily into it. He likes to dress up as a vampire, and I dress up as his bride. A lot our dates at London escorts are spent like this, and I love every minute of it. I have never had so much fun dating somebody, and this just goes to prove how important role play can be in your life.

Wayne loves visiting church and grave yards around London, so that is one of the many things that we do together. He is a very well educated guy, and one of the things he loves to do is to read poetry to me in the graveyard. I think it is really romantic. To be honest it would probably freak out a lot of my fellow London escorts, but this is my dream date. Of course, the best thing is that Wayne can enjoy fulfilling his fantasies, and I get to spend time with my vampires prince.…

Sexual Fantasies Or Perversion?

Watching porn for most people starts when one is a teenager; it is a common thing among young males to fantasize about females. Due to their young age and in-experience, getting a female to have intercourse with becomes a herculean task. Naturally they turn to whatever is available to fulfill this urge. What is interesting however, is the fact that they will not know what to do to get rid of the sexual tension unless they see it somewhere. Their bodies will most of the time, come to their rescue with a wet dream. The lucky few who have had a real sexual experience will instinctively know that fondling their sexual organs will actually have a similar effect or feeling as an actual sex act. Having an image to attach their sexual feelings to then come in the form of the numerous images in the magazines or females they may have encountered in the course of the day.

These acts of self-pleasuring are what have made the porn magazine industry flourish. These young men and women as they grow up, realize that imagination beats reality every time in terms of speed. Some will adjust and find it fulfilling holding on to a real person while others find it easier to just keep fantasizing. The fantasies will be what their partners may consider to be a little bit over board but to them, they are just normal desires of their healthy body. Many people do not give sexual thoughts much credence in terms of their perversity; they consider them private and not for discussion. The perversity actually comes about when their deeds are revealed to the rest of the world. A good section of the population considers the indulgence in porn images to be abnormal.

It is a fact that most men and women will actually use fantasy to arouse themselves when they are with their partners. The images they used to see in their teenage years now play a vital role in finding satisfaction with their partners. On a moral stand point, taking the bible for example as a reference point, this habit is nothing but perverse; they are considered impure. A normal person is expected to only think of their married partner in reference to sex and no one else. For the average man, these are personal matters and as long as they do not affect their work and family relations, then they are just a part of the sea that is their private life.

Many will actually find it offensive if they find someone delving in to their cache of porn magazines. While there are those who have become totally comfortable with this habit and have even formed a clique of friends whom they share these sexual fantasies with. It is always about how one’s conscience tells them they are supposed to be. For a person to really be their own success, then they have to examine their own conscience and be honest about what is right. Explore you sexual desires at…