The best feeling ever – Lewisham Escorts

It was the first time anybody ever put a cock at the back of my mouth where it could slip through my throat. It was a nerve-wracking discovery; realizing that there was a whole new thing out there to try. I wondered how come nobody had ever tried it with me before says Lewisham Escorts of From how Jim did it, I knew it was something popular with men. Jim was a sex god; this I could tell from how he used to talk.
Jim is my best friend’s father. I first saw him when I had gone to hang out with my friend at their cabin. The cabin was a quiet and secretive place where my friend and I would spend time when we wanted to do naughty stuff. A few times, we had had lesbian sex at the cabin. Her dad once found us in the act, and that’s how I met him for the first time says Lewisham Escorts. Jim was tall and handsome; in two months, I knew I was falling for this physically endowed guy. Since that day at the cabin, Jim and I hooked up a few other times, did some crazy stuff, and that was it.
20th August 2016…this was D-day. It was during one of our adventurous nights when Sally and her dad mixed up their texts and we found ourselves at the cabin together, alongside two of my other friends. That night, after several drinks and everyone had passed out; it was just Jim and me. He pulled me closer and kissed me says Lewisham Escorts. At that moment, I felt all the hunger that was driving me crazy.
“You are a beautiful girl Sally,” Jim said as he looked into my eyes. “I know, I said as I pulled myself away from him.” “Come to the bedroom,” he said. This was more of a demand than a request, maybe because he was sure of my answer. His room was warm and smelled sweet. “You are married,” I reminded him. “I can keep secrets, can you?” he said as he kissed me again.
I had to make this moment worth it, so I slid to my knees and started blowing him. This was when he taught me how to slide his dick down my throat. It was not long before he threw me on the bed and licked my pussy mercilessly. He then reached for a beer bottle, which he slid into my lustful pussy. I had no idea a bottle fuck felt that nice. Need I say how he fist-fucked me?
“Aaaahhh!” was all I could say, as he fed my hungry pussy with his monster cock. Gosh, he was perfect. “Ooh, my!” I could not help but moan. The pleasure was too much, as he thrust into me professionally. He shushed me by placing his hand over my mouth. As he picked up speed, I felt so sweet, so I moaned louder. Even though my moan was too loud, he was ready to risk the loud noise as he slapped my ass. “Punish me, love, punish me,” is all I could say. No part of me was virgin, but I never experienced such sex before.

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